IFC Mission Statement

Late 2017 update:
The International Ferret Congress is winding down due to lack of volunteers and interest. We have let our 501(c)(3) status lapse and will dispose of remaining assets. For now, this website and associated emails will remain for reference and questions

The IFC is an outgrowth of the International Ferret Symposium Committee, which sponsored the Ferrets 2002 Symposium in Las Vegas, February 1-3, 2002. That event brought together over 135 ferret owners, shelter operators, club members, veterinarians, and breeders, to learn the latest in ferret health care and husbandry, and to share our love of ferrets.

The International Ferret Congress is formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, specifically as follows:

  • Enhance the welfare of the domestic ferret as a companion animal.
  • Provide ferret owners and veterinarians with access to the latest information on ferret husbandry and health care.
  • Foster communication, cooperation and understanding between other ferret-oriented organizations, such as clubs, shelters and breeders.
  • Provide grants to ferret-related organizations that qualify for exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The primary activities in pursuit of these goals shall be the sponsorship of educational symposiums and forums. The corporation may engage in other activities in support of these goals, in accordance with section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The IFC is primarily an educational organization. As such, we have a responsibility to the ferret community to promote learning and opportunities to learn. This means that not all topics at our events will be applicable to all people. We, as individuals, do not have to agree with everything speakers say, but we (the IFC) do have a responsibility to present different viewpoints, and occasionally, that may cause some disagreements. Our hope is that even those who disagree with presenters can gain something from the events.

Our forums are intended to be small group events of no more than 50 people who can get together and address a specific area relating to ferrets. Events have addressed legislation, sheltering alternatives, the black-footed ferret, animal behavior, breeding issues and general ferret topics. The symposia are larger, multi-day events with a wider variety of topics and a general audience. We hope everyone can find something that interests them.

As a group, the IFC is committed to keeping you informed. We welcome your suggestions regarding speakers, topics and locations. If a particular presenter does not share your viewpoint, we hope that you will come for the other information and that this may also provide an opportunity to ask questions and share your knowledge and experiences.

As always, our Respect for Others policy will be in effect: The purpose of our events is to learn and engage in constructive discussions. We expect there may be disagreements on some issues, but we ask that people show respect for each other and for differing viewpoints. Anyone who cannot maintain civility will be asked to leave.

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