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Late 2017 update:
The International Ferret Congress is winding down due to lack of volunteers and interest. We have let our 501(c)(3) status lapse and will dispose of remaining assets. For now, this website and associated emails will remain for reference and questions.

The IFC is an outgrowth of the International Ferret Symposium Committee, which sponsored the Ferrets 2002 Symposium in Las Vegas, February 1-3, 2002. That event brought together over 135 ferret owners, shelter operators, club members, veterinarians, and breeders, to learn the latest in ferret health care and husbandry, and to share our love of ferrets. See our Mission Statement for more information.

Events Past and Future

The IFC has hosted Ferret Symposia and Forums around the US – starting with Las Vegas in 2002 and the latest in Phoenix in 2011. Other locations include Atlanta, St. Louis, Portland OR and Pittsburgh.

We are using our experience in planning these events to help a group host the 2014 Alaska Gathering for Ferrets.

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