Critical Ferret References

Initial list created by Sukie Crandall. Maintained by the International Ferret Congress.

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Last updated 27 March 2011

Important note:
The International Ferret Congress cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information at any of these sites. We recommend you seek assistance from qualified vets and other ferret experts.

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Archives and mailing lists: Ferret Health List Archives of the Ferret Health List (from both Yahoo and SmartGroups) Archives of the Ferret Mailing List

Poison control: ASPCA National Poison Control Center

Veterinary sites with ferret-expert vets: Ferret pathology and health care site by world expert vet pathologist Dr. Bruce Williams. Detailed surgical info including adrenal, insulinoma, liver surgery and spaying Scroll down for descriptions of various problems and treatments, including urethrostomy Dr. Charlie Weiss' vet site with detailed adrenal info. Variety of general care, health, nutrition, behavioral info Ordering info for ferret medical procedures video by Dr. Deborah Kemmerer. Go to the Small Mammal section for a series of articles by Dr. Susan Brown. Also has information about commonly used veterinary drugs. Information on common diseases including common conditions in older ferrets.

Sites with health articles by vets and others: Detailed info on variety of health issues. Highly recommended! American Ferret Association Medical info from vets, including topics such as first aid kits, dental hygiene, and holiday hazards. Several interesting articles about adrenal disease. National Ferret Welfare Society in the UK, including vet articles on topic such as castration and abscesses, and Health Matters articles First aid and emergency treatments

Other collections of links to important health sites: Excellent foundation material, multiple languages and links

ADV info and testing info: Avecon, maker of ADV test materials United CEP test info
    (NB: United no longer does testing; samples need to be sent to Blue Cross Animal Hospital.) Article by Brown and Nye List for discussion of ADV issues

Rabies information: American Veterinary Medical Association The Compendium of Animal Rabies Control [PDF] Easy to read rabies Q&A

How to monitor glucose levels:

Cardiomyopathy and other heart problems: heart info from veterinary cardiologists

Deafness in ferrets:

Food comparison charts:

Finding a veterinarian: (subscription required) British Columbia vets

Drugs and other medical products: Animal drug information Travel chairs and mobility aids

Compounding pharmacies:

Understanding medical terms and further resources: on-line medical dictionary vet insurance for ferrets and other pets summary of literature search on pine and cedar toxicity zoonoses: diseases shared between animals and humans Merck Veterinary Manual

Political/health/hoarding issues: federal reporting of veterinary adverse drug reactions USDA Animal Welfare Act USDA animal care publications and policies ASPCA animal cruelty news and issues page Animal hoarding research Illinois public act on humane animal care article on people who hoard animals